Apprenticeships are designed to provide young people with the skills and expertise that are needed by business and industry. The content will be tailored to the particular requirements of the company. All Apprenticeships will provide the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for the job in which the young person is employed, as well as those which are important for all jobs (eg communication and IT skills).


Candidates must have the ability to achieve an NVQ Level 2 and the associated Functional Skills for their employment sector. The employer will set the entry requirements for the employment opportunity depending on the skills and qualifications required by the company. Some Apprenticeship Frameworks also require the completion of a Technical Certificate.


Apprentices must be employed and receive a wage for their job. Rates will vary but should reflect the standards within the chosen industry. The current National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice is £2.73 per hour (from 1st October 2014).


An Apprenticeship should last a minimum of 12 months as this provides an timescale during which the Apprentice can reinforce the knowledge and skills gained from the Training provider in the Workplace.

For more information visit The Apprenticeships Website  or register at The Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service and your details will be matched against advertised vacancies on the site, helping match you to appropriate employment for your chosen industry.



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